May: The Month Of Travel

On May 6, 2016 I graduated with my Masters in Film Production at the age of 20. I’ve done some pretty crazy things, but this definitely takes the cake. I’ve never felt prouder than in that moment crossing the stage. I’m so thankful for all the professors, friends and family who supported my journey throughout my schooling. Officially an alumna of Full Sail University!

Graduation Squad. Photo by Kevin Terrell.

May has definitely been the month of travel. I started my month in Atlanta, visiting friends and taking photos of the countryside of Georgia. I celebrated my 21st birthday with my best friends in GA, and then left back home to Orlando for a gig and to pack for my L.A. trip.

21st. Photo by Kevin Terrell

Lex , The Magician. Photo by Me

The gig went great! Working with industry pros that gave you great feedback is what it’s all about. I thoroughly enjoyed working as a camera operator, one of the best crews I’ve been on.

Cam Op. AOHH. Photo by Nick Lilly

L.A., my future home. I am so excited to live in a place where I can live and breathe film. It’s been a long journey to get to this moment. Visiting you for a couple days only made it feel like you were calling my name. I’m grateful for the industry contacts I got to meet and network with while I was there.

El Matador. Photo by Me.

Overall, May has been a successful month for me. Thank you for the great photos, May!